Atlantis fritillary

Speyeria atlantis

"Speyeria atlantis", the Atlantis fritillary, is a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae of North America. It is from the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador to northern British Columbia, across the northern United States south as far as Colorado and West Virginia. It resides as far north as James Bay. The species is listed as endangered in Connecticut.
Atlantis Frillitary I believe this species ID is correct but I am not I could be wrong. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment.  Atlantis fritillary,Geotagged,Speyeria atlantis,Summer,United States


Its upperside is dark orange with many rows of black markings and black wing margins. Its underside is a light brown with many silvery-white spots. Wingspan ranges from 50–64 millimetres.
Speyeria atlantis Speyeria atlantis mating pair on the Honeymoon Trail in the Superior National Forest. Male below, female above. Atlantis fritillary,Geotagged,Heliconiinae,Lepidoptera,Nymphalidae,Speyeria atlantis,Summer,United States,butterfly,mating butterflies,mating insects,sexual dimorphism


Listed alphabetically:
⤷ "S. a. atlantis"
⤷ "S. a. canadensis"
⤷ "S. a. chitone"
⤷ "S. a. dodgei"
⤷ "S. a. beani"
⤷ "S. a. dennisi" dos Passos & Grey, 1947
⤷ "S. a. dorothea" Moeck, 1947
⤷ "S. a. electa"
⤷ "S. a. elko" Austin, 1983
⤷ "S. a. greyi"
⤷ "S. a. hesperis"
⤷ "S. a. hollandi"
⤷ "S. a. hutchinsi" dos Passos & Grey, 1947
⤷ "S. a. irene"
⤷ "S. a. lais"
⤷ "S. a. lurana" dos Passos & Grey, 1945
⤷ "S. a. nausicaa"
⤷ "S. a. nikias"
⤷ "S. a. schellbachi" Garth, 1949
⤷ "S. a. tetonia" dos Passos & Grey, 1945
⤷ "S. a. viola" dos Passos & Grey, 1945
⤷ "S. a. wasatchia" dos Passos & Grey, 1945*Aphrodite fritillary
⤷ Great spangled fritillary
⤷ Northwestern fritillary
Speyeria atlantis View of underwings of Speyeria atlantis (Atlantis Fritillary) found dead on the side of a busy highway through the forest. Atlantis fritillary,Geotagged,Minnesota,Speyeria atlantis,Summer,United States,butterfly


The larvae are hosted by violets. Adult foods include common milkweed, mint, mountain laurel, crown vetch, burdock, boneset, ox-eye daisy, spiraea, and virgin's bower.


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