Iris hermona

Iris hermona

''Iris hermona'' is a species in the genus ''Iris'', it is also in the subgenus of Iris, and in the Oncocyclus section. It is a rhizomatous perennial, from the pastures and meadows of the Golan Heights in Israel and Syria.
Iris hermona flower size is about 20 cm (8 inch)!! Geotagged,Iris hermona,Winter


It is a geophyte, with a stout compact rhizome. Which separates it from ''Iris bismarckiana'' , with a similar flower form and other morphological characters, but which has a stoloniferous rhizome.

It has 9 leaves, which are linear, straight and erect. Compared to ''Iris westii'' , which are short and curved. The leaves can grow up to between 30 cm long and 1.8 cm wide.

It has a slender stem or peduncle, that can grow up to between 30–50 cm tall.
Iris hermona An endemic endagered spectacular iris.  Geotagged,Iris hermona,Winter


It is native to temperate western Asia.
Iris hermona  Geotagged,Iris hermona,Winter


''I. hermona'' is currently assessed as being a Vulnerable species, since 2016, it is very rare on the Golan Heights and on Mount Hermon.

In the past, it has been picked and uprooted due to its flowers, attacked by herbivore, also its habitat has suffered from military tank exercises and other military exercises on the Golan. The populations have also been affected by cattle grazing, settlement development and the creation of vineyards and other agricultural development.

The iris is a protected wildflower, and fortunately some populations of the iris can be found inside a couple of mine fields. In Keshet, Golan a settlement area was widened, and a population of the iris was trans-located, but after 3 years only 6 plants had survived out of 120.
Iris hermona looking at Mount Hermon  Geotagged,Iris hermona,Spring


It grows in open places like pasture lands, on the edges of oak scrub, steppes, or rocky meadows. On heavy soils, including rocky basalt, heavy basalt soils. or dark brown limestone soils.
first Iris hermona for the season!  Geotagged,Iris hermona,Winter


Like many other irises, most parts of the plant are poisonous , if mistakenly ingested can cause stomach pains and vomiting. Also handling the plant may cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction.
Iris hermona Iris hermona is a tall impressive narrow endemic iris. Golan Heights, Hamapalim Jnc. Geotagged,Iris hermona,Spring


It is also found on the roof of a medieval grave of a local sheikh in the Golan Heights.

On 19 June 2016, the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius, held an exhibition of photos by photographer Sharon Ya’ari, ''I. hermona'' was included as part of his "Red Slide" series .


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Status: Endangered
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