Narrow-leaf Trigger Plant

Stylidium lineare

A small plant consisting of a neat tuft of small, needle-like leaves, less than 5 cm long. Slender flower stems arise from this basal rozette, and are up to 20cm long. The flowers at the top of the stems are pink.

Description: Perennial herb with leaves basally tufted.Leaves narrow-linear, 2–5 cm long and < 1 mm wide, margins often incurved and finely toothed, lamina glabrous. Scapes slender, red at least at base, smooth at base, usually < 20 cm high. Racemes glandular-hairy, flowers ± shortly pedicellate. Sepals c. 2 mm long, shorter than the corolla tube. Corolla 5–8 mm long, pink to deep pink. Column reddish; anthers fringed with long glands. Ovary 3–4 mm long. Capsule broad-oblong, 5–10 mm long; seeds dark brown.

Flowering: Late spring to summer (April–June and October-January)

Habitat: grows in heath and dry sclerophyll forest on sandstone, and open poorly-drained plateau areas; sandy soils, often in very open positions on bare soil.

Distribution and occurrence: Australia.
Widespread in Sydney, also south coast and tablelands. From Gospers Mtn to the Budawang Ra.
NSW subdivisions: CC, SC, CT, ST
SpeciesStylidium lineare
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