Eastern Bark Centipede

Hemiscolopendra marginata

A species of bark centipede in the Scolopendridae family.

From the InsectIdentification Website:
"Scolopendrid Centipedes are commonly found in leaf litter, under wood and stones, or even wandering the ground. They are like other centipedes, having the same flexibility and segmentation. This species has some color variation among individuals. Some are black or a bluish-gray, while other appear more green or yellowish. They move underground like worms, stretching their bodies and contracting them, eating invertebrates they find in the soil. They also move above ground hunting other small insects.

Scolopendrid Centipedes produce venom and they use it to dispatch their prey. They may bite people if handled roughly. These bites are painful, but not life threatening; that said, medical attention may be helpful if symptoms from the bite do not diminish in a few days. If found indoors and live capture is possible, releasing Scolopendrid Centipedes into the garden helps control pest insects."
SpeciesHemiscolopendra marginata