Eastern lesser bamboo lemur

Hapalemur griseus

The eastern lesser bamboo lemur, also known as the gray bamboo lemur and the gray gentle lemur, is a small lemur endemic to Madagascar, with three known subspecies. As its name suggests, the eastern lesser bamboo lemur feeds mainly on bamboo. The lemurs of the genus ''Hapalemur'' have more manual dexterity and hand–eye coordination than most lemurs. They are vertical climbers and jump from stalk to stalk in thick bamboo forests.

The eastern lesser bamboo lemur is gray in colour, sometimes with a red patch on its head. It averages 284 mm in length with a tail of 36.6 mm.
Eastern lesser bamboo lemur acts as model This one is almost like a studio photograph. This Bamboo lemur was posing perfectly at Lemur Island, Andasibe, Madagascar. Andasibe,Eastern lesser bamboo lemur,Geotagged,Hapalemur griseus,Lemur island,Madagascar


The eastern lesser bamboo lemur , also known as the gray bamboo lemur, eastern gray bamboo lemur, or gray gentle lemur, was the original species described in 1795.

Gilbert's bamboo lemur , also known as Gilbert's gentle lemur or Beanamalao bamboo lemur, was described as a subspecies in 2007, but was raised to species status in 2008. In 2010, it was returned to subspecies status. It is known only from the area of Ranomafana-Kianjavato in Madagascar.

The Ranomafana bamboo lemur , or Ranomafana gentle lemur, is the third subspecies.


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SpeciesH. griseus