Bog Labrador tea

Rhododendron groenlandicum

''Rhododendron groenlandicum'' , is a flowering shrub with white flowers and evergreen leaves that is used to make a herbal tea.

It is a low shrub growing to 50 centimetres ) tall with evergreen leaves 20–60 millimetres long and 3–15 millimetres broad. The leaves are wrinkled on top, densely hairy white to red-brown underneath, and have a leathery texture, curling at the edges. The tiny white flowers grow in hemispherical clusters and are very fragrant and sticky.

It is reported from Greenland, as well as from every province and territory in Canada and in the northeastern and northwestern United States . It grows in bogs and on wet shores, and sometimes on rocky alpine slopes.

It is often used as a spice in dishes containing wild game. It is also used as flavoring in distilled spirits.

For its traditional uses in herbal medicine, see Labrador tea.

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