Northern Crab Spider

Mecaphesa asperata

''Mecaphesa asperata'', the northern crab spider, is a species of crab spider in the family Thomisidae, found in North and Central America, and the Caribbean. It is a species of the 'flower spiders', so-called because they generally hunt in similarly coloured flowers for visitors such as bees and flies, and is a much smaller nearctic relative of the better-known Goldenrod Spider ''.

''Mecaphesa asperata'' was formerly in the genus ''Misumenops'' under the name ''Misumenops asperatus''.

Howell provides the following diagnosic/identifying characteristics: "''M. asperatus'' is distinguished from ''Misumenoides'' and ''Misumena'' in that the carapace, abdomen and legs are distinctively covered with numerous short stiff spines. The ocular region is white. On the anterior half, the abdomen has red streaks laterally. On the posterior half, the abdomen has a mottled brown to red-brown V-shaped mark pointed towards the posterior. All legs are yellow, except the tibia and metatarsus I bear red annuli."
SpeciesM. asperata