False Coral

Sebacina schweinitzii

Sebacina schweinitzii has the common name "false coral" and is in the family Sebacinaceae.
False Coral - Tremellodendron schweinitzii Fruiting body was about 7 cm tall with wide, flattened branches arising from fused bases. The branches are dry, bald, and white. 

Habitat: Growing on the ground in a deciduous forest.
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Fruiting Body: At first a whitish patch of fuzz, developing over a few weeks into a coral-like structure up to 10 cm high and 6 cm wide, with flattened branches arising from fused bases.

Branches: Flattened; bald; dry; whitish to buff when fresh and young, becoming yellowish with age and often developing green shades (from algae) when very old; tips flattened, colored like the branches, becoming somewhat ragged with age.

Flesh: Stringy and very tough; whitish.

Odor and Taste: Odor not distinctive; taste slightly bitter.

Chemical Reactions: Iron salts negative on branches.

Spore Print: White.
False Coral - Sebacina schweinitzii Very common, slow growing coral fungus. It was mostly white with a grayish base and brown tips.

Habitat: Growing next to the root of an oak tree. False Coral,Geotagged,Sebacina schweinitzii,Summer,Tremellodendron schweinitzii,United States,coral mushroom,mushroom


Spring through late fall; widely distributed east of the Great Plains (also reported from New Mexico and Texas).
False Coral - Sebacina schweinitzii Fruiting bodies were slightly striped cream and tan. They were somewhat flattened and many had brownish tips. 

Habitat: Growing on the ground in a mixed forest. False Coral,Geotagged,Sebacina,Sebacina schweinitzii,Summer,United States,coral fungus,false coral


Mycorrhizal with oaks and possibly with other hardwoods; growing alone or gregariously on the ground, in soil or in moss.


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SpeciesS. schweinitzii