Asplenium nidus

Asplenium nidus

''Asplenium nidus'' is a species of fern in the family Aspleniaceae, native to tropical southeastern Asia, eastern Australia, Hawaii, Polynesia, Christmas Island, India, and eastern Africa. It is known by the common names bird's-nest fern or simply nest fern.
'Unfurling' Birds Nest Fern Frond  Asplenium nidus,Australia,Fall,Geotagged


''Asplenium nidus'' forms large simple fronds visually similar to banana leaves, with the fronds growing to 50-150 cm long and 10-20 cm broad. They are light green, often crinkled, with a black midrib, and exhibit circinate vernation. Spores develop in sori on the underside of the fronds. These sori form long rows extending out from the midrib on the back of the outer part of the lamina . The fronds roll back as they brown and create a massive leaf nest in the branches and trunks of trees.
Bird's Nest Fern, Amber Mountain, Madagascar In Amber Mountain, the forest is full of these giant nest-like plants. The common name "Bird's Nest Fern" is confusing as it is used for the genus as well as multiple species. I assume that this is the Asplenium nidus species, which is documented to occur in Madagascar. Africa,Amber Mountain,Asplenium nidus,Geotagged,Madagascar,Madagascar North,Spring,World


''Asplenium nidus'' is native to east tropical Africa ; temperate and tropical Asia ; and in Australasia
Asplenium nidus - leaf closeup, Palmarium, Madagascar A few ultra wide angle shots of Asplenium nidus, if I have the identification correct. I based identification on the diagonal black lines found on the underside of the leaf. 

This plant is basically an oversized parasite (epiphyte), taking its nutrients and moisture from even larger plants. Africa,Asplenium nidus,Madagascar,Madagascar 2019,Palmarium reserve,World


In Hong Kong, this species is under protection based on Forestry Regulations Cap. 96A.
Bird's Nest Fern - Asplenium nidus  Asplenium nidus,Bird's Nest Fern,Fern,Malaysia,Penang


''Asplenium nidus'' can survive either as an epiphytal, or terrestrial plant, but typically grows on organic matter. This fern often lives in palm trees or bromeliads, where it collects water and humus in its leaf-rosette. It thrives in warm, humid areas in partial to full shade.
Bird's-Nest Fern This is a new shoot uncurling into the large broad leaf of the mature plant.  Asplenium nidus,Australia,Bird's-Nest Fern,Geotagged,fern


Plants named ''Asplenium nidus'' are commonly sold as house plants, though most of the specimens in the horticultural trade are not ''A. nidus'', but different, but closely related species . Apparently, most plants sold in America as ''A. nidus'' are actually ''Asplenium australasicum''. But ''A. australasicum'' differs from ''A. nidus'' by having longer sori, and a differently shaped midrib.

''Asplenium nidus'' has been used locally in folk medicine and hygienically to treat halitosis.

This plant has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

The sprouts of ''A. nidus'' are eaten as a vegetable in Taiwan.
In Taiwan this plant is called 山蘇 and typically cut into inch length pieces and fried with garlic and chilli peppers.


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