Cantharellus confluens

Cantharellus confluens

Cantharellus confluens is a chanterelle in the family Cantharellaceae.
Smooth Chanterelle - Cantharellus confluens Fruiting bodies were yellow and had two or more caps arising from one conjoined stem structure. The caps were yellow, bald, dry, and irregular in shape. Some were flat, while others were convex. The undersurfaces were smooth. The stipes were smooth, dry, thick, and tapered to the base.

 Mycorrhizal with hardwoods - I spotted small clusters of these mushrooms growing on the ground in a deciduous forest dominated by oak. Cantharellus confluens,Chanterelle,Geotagged,Smooth Chanterelle,Summer,United States,cantharellus,fungi,fungus,mushroom,mushrooms,yellow mushrooms


Fruiting Body: Up to 10 cm high and 8 cm across; usually with two to several cap-like structures arising from one or more individual or conjoined stem structures.

Individual Caps: Flat, becoming centrally depressed but without developing a perforated disc; fleshy; bald or nearly so; dry; orange-yellow; the margin fairly thick, becoming wavy to lobed or irregular.

Undersurface: Running down the stem; smooth or with shallow wrinkles or, near the margin, somewhat veined; colored like the cap or paler; bruising and staining dark yellow.

Stem: Up to 4 cm long and 2.5 cm thick; tapering to the base; dry; colored like the cap or paler; fleshy (not hollow); bruising and staining dark yellow.

Flesh: Whitish; soft; unchanging when sliced.

Odor and Taste: Taste not distinctive; odor fragrant and sweet.

Spore Print: Pale yellow.


Southern Appalachians, southeastern United States, and Mexico.


Mycorrhizal with hardwoods; grows alone, scattered, or gregariously during summer


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SpeciesCantharellus confluens