Decollate snail

Rumina decollata

The decollate snail, scientific name ''Rumina decollata'', is a medium-sized predatory land snail, a species of terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Subulinidae. It is a European species that has been introduced in a number of areas worldwide.
Home Snail It was raining all night and many bugs has come out at our garden, hope you like them, regards. Geotagged,Mexico,Rumina decollata,Spring


The shell of the decollate snail is long and roughly cone-shaped. It grows to approximately 40 mm in length, and upon reaching mature size, grinds or chips off the end of its own shell by moving its body roughly against hard surfaces, so that the shell takes on a ''decollate'' shape, tapering to a blunt end.
Rumina_decollata Land Snail Found after a rain storm in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. Considered an invasive species. Decollate snail,Geotagged,Rumina decollata,Spring,United States


This species is native to the Mediterranean excluding south-east Mediterranean.

It is introduced in Israel and in Egypt since Roman times. It has been introduced into North America, including Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona, and other areas as a biological control agent, in hopes of controlling populations of the brown garden snail.

It is found in Great Britain, as a "hothouse alien"


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