Ancistrocerus trifasciatus

Ancistrocerus trifasciatus

Ancistrocerus is a widely distributed genus of potter wasps present in many biogeographical regions of the world.
Ancistrocerus trifasciatus Larvae Apologies, I have no idea what species these are at the moment. I have a little 'bee hotel' in the back garden. I've not seen anything going in and out of it but after taking off the roof, I noticed that something had indeed been in, laid offspring and left. I don't know if all of these belong to the same species but are at different stages of development.
The larvae encased in the silk was at the back of the nest, so if this is the most mature 'tenant' - how will it get out when it reaches maturity.

This was originally 3 images but thanks to the wonder of Photoshop (of which I'm a complete novice) I found it stupidly easy to stitch the images together making them they look like 1! Very impressed with the software. Ancistrocerus trifasciatus,Potter wasp,Rhynchium oculatum


They are nonpetiolate eumenine wasps with a transverse ridge at the bending summit of the first metasomal tergum and with a low and opaque propodeal lamella completely fused to the submarginal carina.
The name of this genus (meaning "hooked horn" for the back-curved last segments of the antennae characteristic of males of this genus and most other potter wasp genera) has been widely used as root in the construction of many other genus-level names for potter wasps with a nonpetiolated metasoma and normally bearing a transverse ridge on the first metasomal tergum, such as Ancistroceroides, Parancistrocerus, Orancistrocerus, Tachyancistrocerus.


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SpeciesAncistrocerus trifasciatus
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