Arabesque orbweaver

Neoscona arabesca

''Neoscona arabesca'' is a common orb-weaver spider found throughout the United States and Canada. Often called the "arabesque orbweaver," after the cryptic, brightly-colored, swirling markings on its prominent abdomen, this spider can be found in fields, forests, gardens, and on human structures. ''Neoscona'' species are among the most common and abundant orb weavers and are found on all continents.
Arabesque orbweaver - Neoscona arabesca Male orbweaver that was hiding in vegetation that was growing next to a pond. Arabesque orbweaver,Geotagged,Neoscona arabesca,Summer,United States


Females range in size from 5–7 mm and males 5–6 mm.

''N. arabesca'' females build a vertical web measuring 15–45 cm in diameter, with 18-20 radii. The hub is open and crossed by only one or two threads. At night, the female rests in the center of the orb with the tip of her abdomen pushed through the open space. During the daytime, she hides in a retreat away from the web, usually inside a curled-and-tied leaf. Male ''N. arabesca'' can often be found in nearby foliage or hunting on the ground.


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SpeciesN. arabesca