Eastern Grass Orb-weaver

Plebs eburnus

The spider species ''Plebs eburnus'' is commonly referred to as the Eastern Grass Orb-weaver or the Eastern Bush Orb-weaver, and sometimes more simply the Bush Orb-weaver. It is an orb-weaver spider from the ''Araneidae'' family, it is endemic to Australia. It was previously classified as a member of the genus ''Araneus'' but has been reclassified in 2012 into a newly described genus ''Plebs''. It is closely related to the Western Bush Orb-weaver, ''P. cyphoxis''. It is a very common spider with distinctive white markings , which give it the species name ''eburnus'' pertaining to ivory. It is found in scrub and tall grasses where the female constructs a vertical web usually no more than 2 metres from the ground, and stays there day and night. The web of some of these spiders has been seen to be decorated with nearly vertical stabilimentum . The stabilimentum of ''P.cyphoxis'' is usually observed vertical .
Plebs ebernus Up until 2012, previously classified as a member of the Araneus genus. Distinctive markings, which are highly variable. Female 5 mm length. Araneae,Araneidae,Australia,Geotagged,Macro,Plebs ebernus,Plebs eburnus,Spider,Spring,arachnid,arthropod,fauna,invertebrate,orb weaver


''P. eburnus'' can be found in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia. Some rare occurrences have been observed in Western Australia although this is not part of the typical range of this species. The ranges of this species and ''P. cyphoxis'' overlap in South Australia.


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