Peach-Colored Fly Agaric

Amanita persicina

The cap of Amanita muscaria var. persicina is 40 - 130 (-195) mm wide, subviscid, glabrous, hemispherical to truncate-convex when young, becoming plano-convex to slightly plano-depressed, pastel red to light orange, slightly appendiculate, with a faintly to moderately striate margin. Volval remnants are present as thin, pale yellow to yellowish tan to tan, floccose-fibrillose patches, often in near concentric rings.
The gills of this taxon are truncately free, very crowded, moderately broad, creamy with a pale pinkish tint, and with a very floccose edge; the short gills are numerous and abruptly truncate.
The stem is 40 - 105 × 8 - 20 (-38) mm, cylindric or slightly expanded at top, pale yellow at top with the rest white to tannish white, fibrillose at the top. The stem's bulb is globose to subovoid and 20 - 45 × 15 - 35 mm. The ring of this species is white above and yellowish below; it is fragile and positioned at about midstipe, with a thick margin. Often it is not seen in fresh material. Occasionally, a few fine ringlets of yellowish tan to tan, floccose volval material are seen on the lower stem.
The spores measure (8.0-) 9.4 - 12.7 (-18.0) x (5.5-) 6.5 - 8.5 (-11.1) µm and are ellipsoid to elongate (infrequently broadly ellipsoid, rarely cylindric) and are inamyloid. Clamps are common at bases of basidia.

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