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Chlorociboria aeruginosa

Chlorciboria aeruginosa is one of just two species recorded in the genus Chlorociboria, the other being Chlorociboria aeruginascens. Both result in green staining of timber. Although C. aeruginosa tends to be a little smaller and very much rarer than C. aeruginascens, the fruitbodies of the two species cannot be confidently differentiated on macroscopic characteristics, but at 5-7 x 1-2µm the spores of Chlorciboria aeruginascens are significantly smaller than those of Chlorciboria aeruginosa (9-14 x 2-4µm). Both species are more often seen in the form of green-stained wood than when when they are producing fruitbodies, but past records made without microscopic study of specimens may have confused the two species.
This ascomycetous fungus has a very wide geographical distribution that includes Europe and North America.