Hieroglyphic Ladybird

Coccinella hieroglyphica

The Hieroglyphic Ladybird (Coccinella hieroglyphica) is a species of beetle in family Coccinellidae. They live in heath and moorland habitats to heights of 1,200 meters, on different Ericaceae, feeding on aphids.
Coccinella hieroglyphica mannerheimi Taking nectar from flowers of a cultivated red currant.

Identification to subspecies level based on the description in  "Changes in the status and geographic ranges of Canadian Lady Beetles (Coccinellinae) and the selection of candidates for risk assessment". http://www.cbucommons.ca/science/biology/images/uploads/Foundation_Lady_Beetles2009.pdf

"Coccinella h. mannerheimi is small (3.7-4.7mm) and red-orange with similar markings to C. h. kirbyi, but with a less defined W-shaped marking across the front end of its elytra." Coccinella hieroglyphica,Coccinella hieroglyphica mannerheimi,Geotagged,Hieroglyphic Ladybird,Spring,United States


The Hieroglyphic Ladybird is found in the Palearctic: In Europe, European Russia , Siberia, the Russian Far East, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and Korea. In Europe, in the north beyond the Polar circle , in the south to Northern Italy.
Coccinella hieroglyphica Fairly typical pattern-variant of Coccinella hieroglyphica Coccinella,Coccinella hieroglyphica,Coccinellidae,Coccinellinae,Coleoptera,nl: Hiëroglyfenlieveheersbeestje


Other, less preferred, habitats are wet meadows, marshes, wastelands, and mixed forests. Other host plants are ''Pinus abies'' and other ''Pinus'' species and various ''Betula'' species. Their populations vary greatly from year to year. They fly from May to October and overwinter in coarse woody debris under pines and birches. In the former USSR, it is aphidophagous on ''Salix'' species, birches, and on ''Alnus'' and Poaceae


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