Oxynoe viridis

Oxynoe viridis

''Oxynoe viridis'' is a species of small sea snail or sea slug, a bubble snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Oxynoidae.
Sacoglossa Sea Slug - Oxynoe viridis This Sacoglossa Sea Slug - Oxynoe viridis are small in size, this particular one was just around 1 cm, mostly light green in colour with spots of blue and yellow. Geotagged,Malapascua,Oxynoe viridis,Philippines,Sacoglossa,Sacoglossa Sea Slug,Sea Slug,Spring,cebu


The body is oval or ovate, dorsal region elevated, lateral lobes regular in shape, outline of the edges convex, not meeting; tentacles well-developed, grooved and truncated; eyes immersed immediately behind the tentacles; foot linear, adapted for clasping seaweed; the whole upper surface garnished with more or less numerous cirrigerous appendages. Tail is long, compressed and lance-pointed. Color: grass green, mottled with darker, sometimes dotted minutely with brown, or a few blue spots margined with black along the edge of the lateral lobes and on the neck.

The shell is thin, pellucid, fragile, white, slightly convolute, obliquely finely striate, left side slightly inflated. The aperture is large, open widely. The outer lip is disjoined from the apex, very slightly produced posteriorly and truncate. The inner lip is slightly callous.


This species occurs in the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Egypt, Taiwan and Turkey.

The type locality for this species is "Sandwich Islands", now Hawaiian Islands.


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