Anguilla Bank anole

Anolis gingivinus

The Anguilla Bank anole or Anguilla anole is a species of anole lizard that is endemic to the Caribbean Lesser Antilles.
Anguilla Bank anole, Saint Martin I think this is a type of gecko but am not sure. I saw these all over the Caribbean but especially in French St.Martin near the water. Anguilla Bank anole,Anolis gingivinus


Males can reach a length of 72 mm snout-to-vent. It has an olive to light green dorsal ground color, with a broad mid-dorsal stripe and a light stripe along its flanks. Its belly is cream to bright yellow. Males may also have gray-brown marbling or be heavily spotted.


It is widespread and common on Anguilla and many of its satellites, though it is heavily preyed on there by American kestrels. It was the only anole species on Anguilla and throughout most of its range, until the recent introduction to Anguilla of ''A. carolinensis''. ''A. gingivinus'' coexists on Saint Martin with ''A. pogus''. Their distribution there does not completely overlap, and where they are both found they appear to fill different niches, for example by ''A. gingivinus'' preferring higher and more exposed perches.


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SpeciesA. gingivinus
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Saint Martin