Rhinagrion elopurae

Rhinagrion elopurae

Rhinagrion elopurae is a dragonfly species from the family Megapodagrionidae (Right Wing damsels), suborder damselflies (Zygoptera). The species is on the IUCN Red List as vulnerable, assessment year 2007. The scientific name of the species was first published in 1886 by McLachlan valid in Selys.
Blue Tail This Damselfly was bigger size than typical Damselfly but smaller than Dragonfly.
Quite unique to me, green upper part with reddish abdomen and blue at the tip. Damselfly,Fall,Geotagged,Malaysia,Rhinagrion elopurae,Sabah


NT (Near Threatened) by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

"With only three or four known locations known (and these are vague) and, although the habitat of lowland forest has been extensively replaced by oil palm plantations in Sabah, R. elopurae may actually be quite common where suitable habitat remains. There are relatively few records of this species, its full range is unknown but there has certainly been extensive habitat loss in Sabah. Once further surveys have confirmed its range and if it is as common as thought, the species will be assessed as Least Concern."

"There is a need for more data on this species (and investigation into its relationship with R. borneense). Sampling needs to be carried out in Sabah and adjacent regions of Kalimantan to determine the range of the species, to gain a better picture of populations and to determine whether or not it occurs in secondary forest."


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