Randalls prawn goby

Amblyeleotris randalli

''Amblyeleotris randalli'', Randall's prawn goby, is a marine benthic species of goby native to tropical reefs of the central Indo-Pacific. This species can also be found in the aquarium trade.
Randalls prawn goby - Amblyeleotris randalli I was not able to make good close-ups of these gobies this time but I still wanted to document their presence in Halmahera. Amblyeleotris randalli,Fall,Geotagged,Indonesia,Randalls prawn goby


''A. randalli'' is a small fish which can be up to 9 centimetres long. Its body is lengthened and cylindrical.The background coloration is white and banded with orange to yellow fine stripes. The first stripe goes around the front head passing through the eye.
A multitude of small whitish dots are distributed on the white parts of the body. Other distinctive point, on the anterior dorsal fin when the latter is deployed, a black and white eye-spot can be seen. Eyes are round and prominent. The mouth is big and in the shape of an inverted "U".
Randall's Shrimp Goby - Amblyeleotris randalli  Amblyeleotris randalli,Anilao,Batanagas,Fall,Geotagged,Goby,Philippines,Randalls Shrimp goby,Shrimp Goby


''A. randalli'' can be found on soft substrates constituted of coarse and shell sand in rubble caves at depths of from 25 to 50 metres . It has been recorded in association with a species of prawn, generally ''Alpheus ochrostriatus''.
Randall's Shrimpgoby - Amblyeleotris randalli Cabilao, Philippines (Oct 2012).
Shrimpgoby white with 6-7 orange bars on head and body. Tall first dorsal fin with pale -edged black spot. To 9 cm (3 and a half in.).
Share burrow with alpheid shrimp. Under overhangs and shallow caves on outer reef slopes and drop-off in 15-48 m. West Pacific.      Amblyeleotris randalli,Fall,Geotagged,Philippines,Randalls prawn goby


''A. randalli'' has a carnivorous diet and usually eats small crustaceans or fishes passing close to its burrow.


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