Island Cleaner Goby

Elacatinus nesiotes

Elongate; head rounded, depressed; upper lip connected to snout at front; a pore midway between front of the two eyes; 2 pores on preopercle; no teeth on roof of mouth; tongue with blunt tip; dorsal VII (1st spine longest) + I, 10-11; anal rays I, 9-10; pectoral rays 17-19; pelvic fins fused in a disc; tail rounded; no scales.

Head red above, orange on sides, yellow below, with 3 narrow white brown-edged bars; body white with 5-7 pairs of wide dark-edged orange-brown superficial bars, some forking below, each pair of bars overlaying a large internal dark blotch; dorsal fins with dark streaks in middle; tail and anal dark brown; pelvics and pectorals pale.

Size: 3 cm.
Island Cleaner Goby - Elacatinus nesiotes This Spotting is not about the White Tip Shark but the small fish on its snout. Island Cleaner Goby - Elacatinus nesiotes is a small and elongated, blunt head red to beyond pectoral fins, three thin whitish bars on head; ten broad orange-brown bars on whitish body. Two separated dorsal fins, fins transparent. Size around 2.5 cm.

This Goby is endemic to Cocos Island
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This species is endemic to the Eastern Pacific, and is only known from three locations: Isla del Coco, the Galápagos and Gorgona Island, Colombia (Hoese and Reader 2001).


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SpeciesElacatinus nesiotes
Photographed in
Costa Rica