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Scorpionfly (Panorpa sp.) At the edge of a dense mixed forest.  Geotagged,Spring,United States Click/tap to enlarge

Scorpionfly (Panorpa sp.)

At the edge of a dense mixed forest.

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  1. Hope Arp sees this, he knows a lot about them. Posted 14 days ago
    1. That would be awesome! There were dozens of these guys out and about on this hike! It was crazy! Posted 14 days ago
      1. They are such cool insects. My favorite fun fact about them is that the weaker males don't compete, instead they mislead. They mimic a female. Successful males deliver a food gift to them, thinking it's a female. Next, the imposter takes the gift and passes it to real female lol.

        Anyway, from this feed you can see some of Arp's image that have ID keys:

        Not sure if any apply to your species.
        Posted 14 days ago

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By Lisa Kimmerling

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Uploaded May 23, 2020. Captured May 12, 2020 14:47 in 234 Oakman Rd NE, Ranger, GA 30734, USA.
  • Canon EOS 6D Mark II
  • f/29.0
  • 1/41s
  • ISO250
  • 100mm