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Bò Ghàidhealach  Bos primigenius indicus,Bos primigenius taurus,Cattle,Geotagged,United States,animal,mammal,nature Click/tap to enlarge Country intro

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  1. Scott, I really like the atmosphere here! I love Scottish highland cattle. At 55mm you really were up close;)!
    Once I walked the forests near our home, the spot being a nature reserve. They fenced a part of the woods and put highland cattle in it. We had our lovely baby in a rucksack carrier and walked the dog (a friendly Labrador). We had not experienced the magnetic aspect of a brown waggy dog on these cows. The flocked massively around us, wagging their heads. If we did not have our daughter with us it would have been (slightly) less scary, even if the cows did not have bad intentions (as I was sure they hadn't). Those horns are massive!
    My wife and baby fled from the pack as me and Max formed an unexperienced front to face them off:) Me shouting a bit there;)
    Well, that's a nice story there, isn't it:) I wonder what's yours on this shot!

    Best wishes,

    Posted 7 years ago
    1. That is a really good story I was on a tour at a animal reserve with my family, 4 boys ages 3 to 13 and my wife, when my 10 year old said look at the hairy cow, These beautiful creatures gathered around the bus demanding to be fed. I wanted to bring one home with us but my wife shot that idea down Posted 7 years ago
      1. Ghehe, yep that must have been the day, you abducting one of those:) Quite a story indeed:)

        Hey, how did it work out with the zoom lens and remote control for your Nikon?
        Posted 7 years ago
        1. I am trying to sync my galaxy tablet to my camera but I need a USB adapter, and I need to wait for Santa to bring me the lens. I sure dropped enough hints Posted 7 years ago
          1. Hey, I gotta try that too:) I want a speedlite:)
            Btw nice, we have an iPad, but it does not sync to my Canon, a cheap Andrioid would. Bummer:) Another wish list, great to preview and set your camera on a tablet. Love to hear another story after the Santa moment, Scott:)
            Posted 7 years ago
  2. Oh I'll take a lot of pictures, and let everybody know how it goes Posted 7 years ago

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Cattle are the most common type of large domesticated ungulates. They are a prominent modern member of the subfamily Bovinae, are the most widespread species of the genus ''Bos'', and are most commonly classified collectively as ''Bos primigenius''. Cattle are raised as livestock for meat , as dairy animals for milk and other dairy products, and as draft animals . Other products include leather and dung for manure or fuel. In some countries, such as India, cattle are sacred. From as few as eighty.. more

Similar species: Even-toed Ungulates
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By Scott Staley

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Uploaded Dec 20, 2012. Captured Aug 18, 2012 15:16 in 303-325 Wall Street, Danville, PA 17821, USA.
  • NIKON D5100
  • f/5.6
  • 1/800s
  • ISO800
  • 55mm