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Now that I’m here... ... where do I start looking? Canada,Fall,Geotagged,Whaletown Commons Click/tap to enlarge

Now that I’m here...

... where do I start looking?

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  1. Gorgeous! But, probably not an *easy* hike, lol. Posted 7 months ago
    1. @Gary: there's multiple approaches. You can try the Christine method. It involves turning over every rock, twig, bark and leaf. You'll find lots. Hidden insect nests, eggs, leaf miners, tiny fungi, all of it. You could probably make it until the second log in your photo before light runs out.

      You can also do a hike where you cover lots of distance, yet see pretty much nothing at all.

      I personally sit in the middle of both strategies. Cover "some" distance yet randomly stop for a deeper search. I don't know where to stop, it's purely random :)
      Posted 7 months ago
      1. Haha, yes - I wouldn't make it very far. I'd likely plop right down and inspect every inch, running out of time before I ran out of ground to cover. Ferdy's method is also a good one, but it would make me twitch and lose sleep at night as I'd be wondering about everything that I missed.

        But, regardless of your technique, your problem is a good one to have :). It definitely looks like a beautiful place to explore!
        Posted 7 months ago
        1. Fortunately there is quite a network of trails. I spend about 50% of my time on my hands and knees and the other 50% walking on the trails. Posted 7 months ago
          1. Perfect technique, I'd say! Posted 7 months ago

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Uploaded Oct 28, 2019. Captured Oct 27, 2019 15:41 in 729-753 Whaletown Rd, Mansons Landing, BC V0P 1K0, Canada.
  • E-M5MarkII
  • f/5.6
  • 1/100s
  • ISO1250
  • 12mm