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Dicranopalpus ramosus - Juvenile Small juvenile of Dicranopalpus ramosus at night on a wall near a light Alerdinck,Dicranopalpus,Dicranopalpus ramosus,Geotagged,Netherlands,Opiliones,Palpatores,Phalangiidae,Phalangioidea,juvenile,nl: Strekpoot Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. That thing has awesome pedipalps! Posted 6 months ago
    1. Yes, these are quite special indeed. My latest photos of these are just snapshots taken on my nightly rounds while actually looking for moths to shoot fot mothweek '19. I should have plenty images of both females and males, also with close-ups of the palps (quite different in the two sexes). Posted 6 months ago
      1. Fantastic! Posted 6 months ago

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''Dicranopalpus ramosus'' is a species of harvestman. Males are up to 4 mm long, females can reach up to 6 mm. Both sexes have very long legs, and pedipalps with a distinct elongated apophysis that reaches almost to the end of the palp's tibia, making their pedipalps look forked. Their body is brownish with dark markings, the females being lighter colored.

The forked pedipalps and the resting posture, with the legs stretched to the sides, makes this species easy to identify, although.. more

Similar species: Harvestmen
Species identified by Pudding4brains
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By Pudding4brains

Public Domain
Uploaded Jul 21, 2019. Captured in Den Alerdinckweg 4A, 8055 PE Laag Zuthem, Netherlands.