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Hedychrum rutilans One of my first Cuckoo-wasp images ever (2006), ID'd at the time by Christian Schmid-Egger Aculeata,Chrysididae,Hedychrum,Hedychrum rutilans,Hymenoptera,cuckoo wasp Click/tap to enlarge PromotedCountry intro

Hedychrum rutilans

One of my first Cuckoo-wasp images ever (2006), ID'd at the time by Christian Schmid-Egger

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  1. Um, wow! Gorgeous. Posted one year ago
    1. Yes I'm quite surprised this old image from my 4Mpix "toy" camera came out so well at the time - just made a new 16:9 crop :o) Posted one year ago
      1. That is impressive for 4mp. The colors and punctations are so well detailed. Posted one year ago
  2. I was about to say the exact same thing as Christine! Those colors! I've never seen a cuckoo wasp with all of these colors! Posted one year ago
    1. It's quite stunning how the colours can change with a slight directional change in the lighting. If you look at this series you'll find that bits and pieces seem to have different colours in the various viewing angles :o)
      Holopyga fervida Another "swimming pool victim" and one of my very few images of Cuckoo-wasps that actually got to get a name, thanks to Paolo Rosa:<br />
"It's a female of Holopyga fervida (Fabricius), it is quite common in France. The male is entirely green or blue. The punctuation on scutellum (almost polished) is typical of this species." Aculeata,Chrysididae,Holopyga,Holopyga fervida,Hymenoptera,cuckoo wasp
      Posted one year ago
  3. So beautiful* Posted one year ago
    1. Thanks Rui - it's a real shame some of yours haven't been named to species yet. Did you ever ask an expert? Posted one year ago
      1. I didn't had any positive ID's for mine. Photos are good, so to speak, but some of them lack in characters that would help to identify them. I have a key for Chrysididae but I never manage to reach species identification. Specialists only gave me ID just up to genus... Posted one year ago
        1. Yes, shame that it is so hard to get it right. Especially the Chrysis ignita s.l. are near impossible :o( I have quite a few without positive ID here too (all old stuff, not nearly as nice as your pictures). Posted one year ago
  4. Incredible!
    Posted one year ago
    1. Thanks Stephen :o) Posted one year ago

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''Hedychrum rutilans'' is a species of cuckoo wasps belonging to the family Chrysididae. These cuckoo wasps are mainly present in Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and in North Africa.

Their head and thorax are metallic green with red red spots, while the abdomen is red colored. The color is more green and partially golden in the male and more extensively golden-red in the female. The whole body is quite hairy.

The adults grow up.. more

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