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Criocerinae inn Criocerinae inn Chrysomelidae,Coleoptera,Criocerinae,Geotagged,India,Lema,Oulema,beetle Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Beautiful color contrast! Those elytra are so cool! Posted one year ago
    1. Thank you Dear Lisa.. Posted one year ago
  2. This is a Criocerinae inn the group Lema/Oulema - from the shape of the pronotum I would think Oulema. It's a difficult group with many species having lookalikes and much historical confusion and misidentifications. Maybe it is quite possible to identify, due to the red head, but it would take someone who knows what species occur in the area ...
    It is _not_ the wide spread Oulema melanopus, even if you will find images with that name that look like this one on the internet - those are misidentified!
    Posted one year ago
    1. Thank you for the information.. Posted one year ago

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Uploaded Jun 13, 2018. Captured in 1573, Service Rd, Agara Village, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034, India.