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Unicorn Caterpillar Caterpillars of Hawkmoth has a distinctive 'horn' on the tail end of its body. Caterpillar,Hawkmoth,Moth,Philippines,Quezon Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Unicorn Caterpillar

Caterpillars of Hawkmoth has a distinctive 'horn' on the tail end of its body.

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  1. Stunning! I'm in complete awe! Posted one year ago
    1. Thanks, Lisa but this is the backside! lol Posted one year ago
      1. That is a very cool backside! :D Posted one year ago
        1. And it really does drive home the common name you have given it! ;) Posted one year ago, modified one year ago
          1. Mine didn't have as impressive a horn!
            Manduca sexta - Carolina Sphinx Moth (larva) Large (around 9.5 cm), green caterpillar with white and black banding and eye spots along each segment. Prominent red horn on posterior segment.<br />
<br />
Habitat:<br />
Feeding on my cherry tomatoes in the garden. Surrounded by mixed hardwoods in my back yard.<br />
<br />
Notes:<br />
This caterpillar was latched onto my tomato plant and did not want to let go! I was impressed by mouthparts as well as the "velcro-action" of its prolegs! It took a lot of effort for me to remove this from the plant!<br />
https://www.jungledragon.com/image/56175/manduca_sexta_-_carolina_sphinx_moth_larva.html Geotagged,Goliath worm,Manduca sexta,Moth week 2018,Sphinx moth,Summer,United States,camo,camouflage,carolina sphinx moth,insect,insecta,lepidoptera,manduca,sphingidae
            Posted one year ago
            1. Yep, not all Caterpillars of Hawkmoth has long spines, some are shorter than others.

              I seldom like to take pics of animals from the back side, but this is an exception as this one's backside truly deserves additional attention :D
              Posted one year ago
  2. Such a fancy behind! Posted one year ago
    1. Right?! I thought it was amazing! Posted one year ago
      1. Thanks, Lisa and Christine for your appreciation :) Posted one year ago

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