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Bark Mantis ? Gunjur, Bengaluru Camouflage,Geotagged,India,Spring,closeup,insects,mantis,wideangle,wild Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. These are so cool! Great spotting :) Posted one year ago
    1. Thank you
      Posted one year ago
  2. Awesome shot and really love the creative composition. Posted one year ago
    1. Thank you
      This was possible because of wide angle macro lens :D
      Posted one year ago
      1. Interesting, I've heard about a Chinese manufacturer producing those, forgot the name. Are you using that? Posted one year ago
        1. Yeah, its the Chinese lens Lowa wide angle macro
          Posted one year ago
          1. Venus...that's the one! Love this result so far, hope you'll share a few more as few people have this kind of lens. Posted one year ago
            1. Sure thing :) Posted one year ago
  3. Awesome¡ Posted one year ago

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By Ganesh Seshachar

All rights reserved
Uploaded Apr 3, 2018. Captured Apr 1, 2018 11:06 in 135, Gunjur Rd, Balagere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560087, India.
  • NIKON D7100
  • f/1.0
  • 1/60s
  • ISO100