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Leaf Beetle in Genus - Paropsis  Found on young eucalyptus leaf. Australia,Geotagged,Leaf beetle,Paropsis,Paropsis obsoleta,Spring,spring Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Here it is
    Paropsis obsoleta Possibly Paropsis obsoleta and possibly Paropsis pantherina.  <br />
This unstriped beetle is dominant at the southern extent of the range for P. obsoleta. <br />
This beetle is sorted out in a paper to be released shortly.   Australia,Geotagged,Paropsis,Paropsis obsoleta,Paropsis pantherina,Spring

    and here
    Paropsis obsoleta A small common leaf beetle along the east coast of Australia.<br />
This is a small and very convex beetle usually with dark transverse bands.<br />
Its form can vary in the southern extent of its range. Australia,Geotagged,Paropsis obsoleta,Summer,paropsis,paropsis obsoleta

    and this one will be soon synonymized into obsoleta also
    Paropsis pantherina A small beetle with transverse rows of red bands. Australia,Geotagged,Paropsis,Paropsis pantherina,Summer
    Posted 2 years ago
    1. Thank you Martin , it is most appreciated . Posted 2 years ago
      1. My pleasure.
        Please geotag your photo so everyone knows where they can find one too.
        Posted 2 years ago
        1. It never worked for me but now it is ok. Posted 2 years ago
  2. Yes Martin I would like to geotag my photos but it doesn't seem to work for me. This one I found at AStoney Creek Tenterfield NSW
    This message should be first.
    Posted 2 years ago, modified 2 years ago

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Paropsis obsoleta is a beetle in the Paropsis genus.

Similar species: Beetles
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Uploaded Nov 15, 2017. Captured Nov 14, 2017 17:52 in 8986 New England Hwy, Tenterfield NSW 2372, Australia.
  • Canon EOS 700D
  • f/22.0
  • 1/1328s
  • ISO12800
  • 55mm