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Gnome plant  Geotagged,Hemitomes congestum,Spring,United States Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

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  1. Whoa, what a mysterious organism: "Little is known about the life cycle of the plant due to its rarity, but it probably obtains its nutrients by parasitizing fungi".

    Absolutely bizarre, imagined it to be a fungi, a gorgeous one.
    Posted 6 years ago
    1. Not quite a fungi - but it probably lives on them. Much like Candy stick - aka - Allotropa virgata (a relative that only grows on matsutake mycelium) it probably cannot grow without a certain type of fungus, but it doesn't look like anyone has really determined if this is absolute or what type of fungus it might be. Other relatives like pinesap and ghost pipe also parasitize fungi that themselves are associated with certain types of trees. It's a complex chain, which I think, is one of the things that makes all of these somewhat rare.

      It looks like this gets mistaken for ground cone and fringed pinesap with some regularity… the Wiki page for fringed pinesap, I'm pretty sure, incorrectly sports a picture of this organism - oops..
      Posted 6 years ago
      1. Very interesting, I did not know some plants parasite on fungi, usually it seems to other way around. Posted 6 years ago
        1. All non-photosynthetic plants (to some degree) depend on/parasitize fungi or other plants for nutrients, right? Posted 4 years ago, modified 4 years ago
          1. Indeed - if a plant is truly non-photosynthetic it is reliant on their host plant/fungi for everything.
            there's a good overview on the wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parasitic_plant
            Posted 4 years ago
            1. So fascinating! Posted 4 years ago
  2. Finding "nearby":
    Gnome Plant This specimen was right beside the road and close to eye level. The pink colour stood out from the dark background. A lucky find! Canada,Geotagged,Gnome plant,Hemitomes congestum,Summer
    Posted 6 years ago

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''Hemitomes'' is a monotypic genus of plants containing the single species ''Hemitomes congestum'', which is known as gnome plant and cone plant. This rare and unusual plant is native to the west coast of North America from British Columbia to California, where it grows in dense, dark forests such as the redwood forests of the region. This is small, fleshy, stemless perennial plant forming lumps in the leaf litter. It is white, yellowish, or reddish-pink in color. Little is known about the life.. more

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