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Her Private Rainbow | Winter ant Her Private Rainbow<br />
<br />
Feeling the faint outlines of the long road home,<br />
 her private rainbow speeds her search<br />
 for a hint of the heavens.<br />
<br />
Wild Light Post: <a href="http://www.bugdreams.com/archives/private-rainbow/" rel="nofollow">http://www.bugdreams.com/archives/private-rainbow/</a> <br />
<br />
Winter ant | Prenolepis imparis Prenolepis imparis,Winter ant,ant,insect,invertebrate,wild,wildlife Click/tap to enlarge

Her Private Rainbow | Winter ant

Her Private Rainbow

Feeling the faint outlines of the long road home,
her private rainbow speeds her search
for a hint of the heavens.

Wild Light Post: http://www.bugdreams.com/archives/private-rainbow/

Winter ant | Prenolepis imparis

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  1. You're such a good spotter, Rick!

    There's no Wikipedia specie page to link to in this case so for those that want to learn more about this ant specie, go here:

    Posted 8 years ago
  2. Thanks Ferdy. I was surprised at no Wikipedia info. Posted 8 years ago
    1. As I went over most photos during the last two weeks I was surprised to find quite a few well known species not having a Wikipedia page. Ideally, I'd then create one, as it would benefit both Wikipedia and JungleDragon but it's time consuming and I have no experience in it (yet).

      Anyways, compliments for always identifying your photos, you sure know your subjects.
      Posted 8 years ago
  3. Thanks, but there are far too many I'm unsure about. Posted 8 years ago
  4. you,ve an eye for this Posted 8 years ago

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