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Flower Fly  Flower Fly,Geotagged,Trinidad and Tobago,Winter,black,fly,hairy,insect,macro,nature,stripe,wildlife,yellow Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Photos and info here: http://bugguide.net/node/view/9099 Posted 3 years ago
    1. I'm not convinced about this one, a few characters don't match: the legs are black instead of yellow and the yellow patches between the wings and the scutellum are missing.
      Posted 3 years ago
      1. Thanks Wildflower, I was so focused on matching the abdominal pattern I missed the leg colouration. Should the species Id be removed? I don't have high hopes for finding a better match. Posted 3 years ago
        1. According to these records Eristalis transversa is only found in North America. It is most likely not the correct species and the ID should be removed.

          I have another candidate - the genus Palpada, but there are many species and there may not be reliable photos for many of them if it is possible to identify them from a photo at all.

          Palpada Macquart, 1834 is a large genus of tropical Eristaliini flies with distribution restricted to the NewWorld (Diptera:Syrphidae:Eristalinae). Most species were initially placed within Eristalis Latreille, 1804. In 1972, most Neotropical species were transferred to Palpada when F.C. Thompson divided Eristalis sensu lato into three genera: Eristalis, Eoseristalis Kanervo, 1938 and Palpada. The latter genus was divided by Thompson (1981) into three groups of species: scutellaris,
          agrorum and vinetorum.
          Posted 3 years ago, modified 3 years ago

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By haylo

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Uploaded Mar 4, 2016. Captured Jan 23, 2016 17:09 in Upper Sixth Ave, San Juan, Trinidad and Tobago.
  • PENTAX K-50
  • f/16.0
  • 1/180s
  • ISO800
  • 300mm