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safari_ants safari ants aka dorylus...i cant put the species in for some reason....anyone help? European Hornet,Geotagged,Summer,Tanzania,Vespa crabro,africa,ants,safari ants,serengeti Click/tap to enlarge


safari ants aka dorylus...i cant put the species in for some reason....anyone help?

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  1. Dorylus isn't drilled down quite far enough - it's the genus, which is the first important part, but then you need species, which can be the difficult part. There are 61 species in the dorylus genus. A good field guide might help you narrow down your choices, but insects can be quite difficult. Posted 5 years ago
    1. oh I see...everytime I typed in safari and it's switched to dorylus. Posted 5 years ago
      1. I encourage you to spend a few minutes to go through this article:


        It will explain at what level we identify things in JungleDragon. The bottom line is that we do so at the species level. For that you first have to know what a species is, and how it is different from a genus.

        In this specific example, you indicated "Safari ants". This is a genus:


        Note how on the wikipedia page there is a large list of species that make up this genus. That species level is where we identify things at, so anything higher or broader than that is not specific enough.

        I hope this helps.
        Posted 5 years ago

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Uploaded May 3, 2015. Captured Mar 18, 2015 13:07 in Mara, Tanzania.
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