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A frogs delight Froggies hatch from tiny eggs?<br />
Darkish blobs grows tail and legs!<br />
Yet both of them will disapear<br />
It&#039;s a frog, now it&#039;s clear!<br />
<br />
(a selfmodified childrens poem `frog&#039;s Life`, author unknown.<br />
 Canon  EF12mm II,Edible Frog,Geotagged,Green Frog,Pelophylax kl. esculentus,The Netherlands,macro,reflection Click/tap to enlarge

A frogs delight

Froggies hatch from tiny eggs?
Darkish blobs grows tail and legs!
Yet both of them will disapear
It's a frog, now it's clear!

(a selfmodified childrens poem `frog's Life`, author unknown.

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  1. I made a macro shot of a splash of frogspawn found in our little pool in the garden. The colourful reflection is not the spawn itself but an image cast by temporarily (and carefully) positioning a laptop screen just above it. I hope you all don't find it too disturbing, me being in an artistic mood.
    No spawn was harmed during this session. None eaten too, strange habbits they have in France (and perhaps other parts of our otherwise lovely globe).
    I used a polariser here, partly showing in the transparency of the bottom section (not in a 45 degree angle to the lens itself, thus more transparent). I did have some fun here;)
    Posted 5 years ago
    1. I'm sure you have spent some time playing with those lights, interesting idea and composition.
      Did you actually see the frog spawning?
      Posted 5 years ago
  2. Familiair photo ;-)
    I just posted one photo too a few hours ago: a Vulture
    Posted 5 years ago, modified 5 years ago

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By Ludo Sak

All rights reserved
Uploaded Apr 9, 2014. Captured Apr 4, 2014 21:08 in Dijkgraaf A.M. Gelukweg, 4354 Vrouwenpolder, The Netherlands.
  • Canon EOS 60D
  • f/20.0
  • 15s
  • ISO100
  • 85mm