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#1368 Dapa, Valle Del Cauca<br />
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Dapa, Valle Del Cauca

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  1. Really tough one! I have searched several families and can't find a match.

    There's Oricia homalochroa, Mapeta xanthomelas, and Uranophora walkeri which are very similar to your moth, but not matches.

    It could be Erebidae > Lithosiini OR Erebidae > Ctenuchina OR not an erebid at all. There are some species in the fam Zygaenidae that look similar. But, also Pyralidae and Crambidae are considerations. I just can't find a match and am very intrigued!

    I also found this, lol. It seems there are a lot of moths with a similar pattern:
    Posted 2 months ago, modified 2 months ago
    1. Thanks very much Christine yes this does seem to be a toughie. I've been searching other sources and so far nobody can pin it down. Very intrigued myself! Posted 2 months ago, modified 2 months ago
      1. Wow, well, hopefully someone will be able to figure it out! Posted 2 months ago

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Uploaded Sep 13, 2022. Captured Sep 12, 2022 20:20.
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