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Butterfly congress by the river PNYC - EL Paujil, Pasco, Peru. Aug 26, 2020 Geotagged,Peru,Winter Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Butterfly congress by the river

PNYC - EL Paujil, Pasco, Peru. Aug 26, 2020

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  1. After crossing the river, I took off my boots and set my socks to dry on this rock. Then, when I came back a few hours later, this is what I found on said rock... Posted 10 months ago
    1. That's so wonderful! You should do this sock thing more often. Posted 10 months ago
      1. Haha I will! Also works with sweaty backpacks :) Posted 10 months ago
        1. My mother had a puddle that loved to run away with my used socks and sniff them..this has reminded me of it :-D Posted 10 months ago
  2. Beautiful! Diverse butterfly congress, with some little flies making themselves known too. I'm taking my socks off, from now on Posted 10 months ago
    1. Good call! And post the photos you get on here! Posted 10 months ago
  3. Oh Wow! amazing! so beautiful, all these butterflies together! Posted 10 months ago
    1. Now I wish I could ID them all! Posted 10 months ago
      1. Careful with that wish because the PDFs I showed you earlier will very likely get 80% ID-ed. Posted 10 months ago
        1. Honestly, I just can't with butterflies. Between the number of mimetic species and the tremendous variation between subspecies, there are whole families where I just never feel certain of the ID (the bloody clearwings and tigerwings being a particularly egregious example, Adelpha spp. being another) Posted 10 months ago
          1. I love this photo and the story behind it!

            I did a bit of research for some of the IDs...the few on the left, I can't figure out. But, the 4th from the right might be Pyrrhogyra amphiro. The 3rd from the right, could be Temenis sp.. The 2nd from the right looks like Fountainea sp., maybe Fountainea eurypyle...Or, at least something in the tribe Anaeini. Last, the one on the far right looks like Eunica monima, or something similar in that genus.
            Posted 9 months ago
            1. Thanks Christine!! Posted 9 months ago
              1. You're welcome :) Posted 9 months ago
      2. you can try to look at this site:
        Posted 10 months ago
        1. Yes that's a great page! Posted 10 months ago
  4. Wow! What a wonderful collection! Posted 10 months ago
    1. Thanks! Posted 10 months ago
  5. Absolutely wonderful photo Thibaud. Posted 9 months ago

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By Thibaud Aronson

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Uploaded Sep 28, 2020. Captured Aug 26, 2020 15:23 in Palcazu, 19320, Peru.
  • Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  • f/9.0
  • 1/320s
  • ISO3200
  • 379mm