Lactifluus clarkeae

Lactifluus clarkeae

''Lactifluus clarkeae'' is an Australasian milk-cap mushroom. It was described as ''Lactarius'' species in 1927 by Australian naturalist John Burton Cleland and was transferred to the genus ''Lactifluus'' in 2012.

The original description reads:

"Pileus 3 ins. in diameter, infundibuliform, matt, reddish-fawn. Gills adnate, moderately close, pallid becoming spotted and discoloured brown. Stem short, µm, in. high, stout , expanded towards the pileus, attenuated downwards, solid, colour of the pileus, milk white. Taste mild. Spores slightly angular, 8 µm.

S.A. - Mount Lofty, June, 1927. In general appearance rather resembling ''Russula Floctonae'', Cld. et Cheel.
From its resemblance to this ''Russula'' we have named it after Miss Flockton's niece, Miss Phyllis Clarke, to whom we have been so much indebted for many admirable watercolour drawings of New South Wales agarics."

McNabb noted the similarity of ''L. clarkeae'' to ''L. rubroviolascens'' from Madagascar and erected the new section ''Tomentosi'' for these two species.

''L. clarkeae'' occurs in Australia and New Zealand. In New Zealand, ''L. clarkeae'' var. ''clarkeae'' is found under shrubs of the genus ''Leptospermum'', while var. ''aurantiorubra'' is associated with ''Nothofagus'' .
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