Golden spadefish

Platax boersii

Members of the genus Platax are generally similar in shape to the other species in the family. Adults are rather disc-shaped fish, with laterally compressed bodies and large dorsal and anal fins that give individuals a somewhat triangular profile.
Golden Spadefish- Platax boersii Size to 47 cm. Yellowy silver with dark to faint bar through eye and a second bar from nape to ventral fins.
Habitat: Seen in the House Reef of Lankayan during a night dive, Sabah.         Fall,Geotagged,Golden spadefish,Malaysia,Platax boersii,Spadefish


Platax can be found in reefs throughout the entire Indo-Pacific region. Their range extends from the western Indian Ocean in the Red Sea to as far East as Australia. Most Platax species can be found in higher latitudes, as high as the Ryukyu Islands in Japan and as far South as the eastern coast of Australia. However, the ranges of the individual species is not consistent throughout the genus' range. Platax pinnatus for example is most likely not found in the Indian Ocean.[1] A few individuals have been found in Atlantic waters. Apparently, the species Platax orbicularis has been observed in Florida waters as a non-native, invasive species. The aquarium industry has been blamed for the spread of this species into the Caribbean.


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