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Comatricha nigra

Comatricha nigra

A slime mold in the order Stemonitales that forms black ball shaped sporocarps.
Comatricha nigra Height about 2mm on soaking wet wood, probably oak. Comatricha nigra,Geotagged,Netherlands,Winter


Plasmodium white, translucent and even transparent color, as befits Stemonitomycetidae is the afanoplasmodio type. The main characteristics that distinguish this type of Plasmodium are, on the one hand, homogeneity of the veins that are not gelled regions distinguished and more fluid therebetween, and secondly, being formed by thin and transparent filaments join to form a somewhat irregular network. From a mucous substance called plasmodium hypothallus that focuses on spherical masses of which sprout the reproductive bodies of the species individually, thus ending its somatic phase and starting from that moment their reproductive phase is formed.
Sporocarps arising as individual multiple fruiting formed by a stem which occupies 2/3 of the total and a spherical head. The first sprouts and it rises from the hypothallus, is composed of fibers black. When this phase is finished stem growth fertile capillitium house the head and forms spores. This head is at first white, then develops and becomes shiny and red, then going to black, and finally opens releasing the capillitium. The capillitium is attached to the columella covering almost to the apex of esporocarpo, and consists of entangled fibers that can make a loop. The entire assembly has a height of just a few millimeters. Spores warty lilacino are ocher and germ pore, between about 7 and 10 microns.
Comatricha nigra  Comatricha nigra,Fall,Geotagged,United States


Stemonitis nigra
Fuzzy little slimes I believe this is yet another stage in the life of C. nigra. It will finally become a brown airy ball before the spores blow away. Comatricha nigra,Geotagged,United States,Winter


grows on decaying wood of various trees, rarely isolated, usually sprouting more or less numerous thereof plasmodium group


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SpeciesComatricha nigra