Snake-eyed Lizard

Ophisops elegans

Snake-eyed Lizard is a species of lizard found in the Mediterranean region and Central Asia.
Snake-eyed Lizard  Ophisops elegans,Snake-eyed Lizard


Head moderate, feebly depressed. Upper head-shields smooth or slightly rugose; nostril lateral, pierced between on upper and a lower nasal, and followed by one or two postnasals; frontonasal single; four supra-oculars, first and fourth very small, the two principal separated from the supraciliaries by a series of granules: occipital small, in contact with or separated from the interparietal; subocular bordering the lip, normally between the fourth and fifth upper labials; temporal scales small, smooth; usually two large supratemporal shields bordering the parietal; a large tympanic shield. A. gular fold may be distinguishable; collar absent or feebly marked. Dorsal scales variable in size, as large as or larger than the laterals; 30 to 40 scales round the middle of the body, ventrals included. A more or less enlarged postero-median preanal plate. The hind limb reaches about the ear in the male, the shoulder or a little beyond in the female. 7 to 12 femoral pores on each side. Tail about twice as long as head and body. Olive or bronzy above, with black spots usually forming longitudinal series, sometimes forming a network; frequently and or two light longitudinal streaks on each side; lower surfaces white.

From snout to vent 2 inches; tail 4.
Ophisops_elegans  Fall,Geotagged,Greece,Ophisops elegans,Snake-eyed Lizard


E Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, SE Bulgaria, NE Greece , Cyprus, Turkey, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, W Syria, Lebanon, Israel, W Jordan, Iraq, Iran , N Pakistan, NW India
''basoglui'': S Anatolia
''blanfordi'': Pakistan
''centralanatolia'':C Anatolia
''ehrenbergi'': Kalymnos, Lesbos etc.
''macrodactylus'': W Turkey, Greece
Type locality: Baku, Azerbaijan


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SpeciesO. elegans