Cream-streaked Ladybird

Harmonia quadripunctata

''Harmonia quadripunctata'' (the Cream-streaked Ladybird or Four-spot Ladybird) is a species of ladybird beetle belonging to the family Coccinellidae.
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''Harmonia quadripunctata'' can reach a length of 5.5–6 millimetres (0.22–0.24 in). The colouration is very variable. Usually they are colored bright red or yellow and have eight black dots on the elytra, with basal and lateral pale stripes. Some individuals with greatly expanded dark patches appear almost completely black. Multiple spots on the body are common, while the drawings on the pronotum are less variable.

On the pronotum they usually have 11 black spots on a light background, with four larger black spots in the middle. This species is quite similar to ''H. axyridis'', but in ''H. quadripunctata'' the small distinct humps before elytral apex and the M-like black painting on the pronotum, common in the reddish coloured specimen, are absent.

The four-spot ladybird is a predator of various species of aphids such as ''Lachnus pinicola''. The period of activity extend from March to October. These beetles over-winter in communities under the bark of various deciduous and coniferous trees such as pines and poplars.
Harmonia quadripunctata - In Pine tree  Coccinellidae,Coccinellinae,Coleoptera,Cream-streaked Ladybird,Harmonia,Harmonia quadripunctata,Ladybird,nl: Harlekijnlieveheersbeestje


⤷  ''Harmonia quadripunctata'' var. ''sordida'' Weise, 1879
⤷  ''Harmonia quadripunctata'' var. ''nebulosa'' Weise, 1879
⤷  ''Harmonia quadripunctata'' var. ''abieticola'' Weise, 1885
⤷  ''Harmonia quadripunctata'' var. ''pinastri'' Weise, 1879
⤷  ''Harmonia quadripunctata'' var. ''rustica'' Weise, 1879
⤷  ''Harmonia quadripunctata'' var. ''multimaculata'' Heyden
⤷  ''Harmonia quadripunctata'' var. ''sedecimpunctata'' (Fabricius, 1781)
Harmonia quadripunctata - L4 Last (4th) stadium larva of the Cream-streaked Ladybird.
Old image (2007) used in a booklet about Ladybirds and their larvae:
Baugnée et al. & Segers (ed.) (2011) Velddeterminatietabel voor de lieveheersbeestjes van België en Nederland.
 Coccinellidae,Coccinellinae,Coleoptera,Cream-streaked Ladybird,Geotagged,Harmonia,Harmonia quadripunctata,Ladybird,Larva,Netherlands,nl: Harlekijnlieveheersbeestje


''Harmonia quadripunctata'' is widespread from northern to southern Europe. In the British Isles the four-spot ladybird is found only sporadically. The species is also present in the Eastern Palaearctic ecozone and in the Near East.
Harmonia quadripunctata - ventral  Coccinellidae,Coccinellinae,Coleoptera,Cream-streaked Ladybird,Harmonia,Harmonia quadripunctata,Ladybird,nl: Harlekijnlieveheersbeestje


These ladybirds live in pine forests from the lowlands to the hills.


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