Raorchestes akroparallagi

Raorchestes akroparallagi

''Raorchestes akroparallagi'' is a species of frog in the Rhacophoridae family.
It is endemic to the Western Ghats, India, where it is known from the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Before its description in 2009, it was confused with ''Raorchestes femoralis'' and ''Raorchestes glandulosus''.
Variable bush frog Met this beautiful male variable bush frog during recent visit to the western ghats while looking for the croaking friends.
There were many in number all calling out loud to attract mate. Slight drizzle would amplify the calls.
It was an orchestra where variable bush frogs were the main, with sudden chorus of Malabar tree toads(Pedostibes tuberculosus) and with the water droplet frog(Raorchestes nerostagona) droplet-beat all the while. Raorchestes akroparallagi,amphibian,calling,coffee,coorg,croaking,frog,india,monsoon,western ghats,wild


Male ''Raorchestes akroparallagi'' are small, 19–22.5 mm in snout-vent length, whereas females are larger, 26–27 mm long. It is one of predominantly green ''Raorchestes''. However, the colouration of its dorsum is highly variable even within a single location, from almost uniformly green to various colours and markings. Indeed, its specific name, ''akroparallagi'', is derived from Greek words ''akro'', meaning 'extreme' and ''parallagi'', meaning 'variation'.
Variable bush frog - Raorchestes akroparallagi One of beautiful frog species from the western ghats. Like most bush frogs there are tiny and very hard to find in spite of their high pitch croaking sound. The males wait for the rains, as it rains the male start calling out loud for the females. 
That particular night would be a orchestra of bush frogs. I have heard calls of 1-2 males even in the morning after light showers. Raorchestes akroparallagi,bush frog,calling male,endemic,india,macro,monsoon,variable bush frog,western ghats


''Raorchestes akroparallagi'' occurs in a wide range of habitats, from evergreen forests to plantations near secondary forest fringes to roadside vegetation. As it can live in disturbed habitats and is relatively widespread and common, IUCN does not considered it threatened.
Variable bush frog This specimen was found more than 400 km south of the place where i found the colorful ones. Just look at drastic variation in color of the same species. No wonder its called the variable bush frog!! Raorchestes akroparallagi,amphibian,endemic,frog,india,monsoon,tamil nadu,valparai,western ghats,wild


''Raorchestes akroparallagi'' has direct development, with all growth inside the egg and no free-swimming tadpole stage. Males attract females with their calls. Mating takes place during the night. A pair in amplexus may move around before settling on a leaf and starting to lay eggs on its upper side. Egg laying takes hours and results in a clutch of 20–41 eggs. Eggs are white, about 4.4 mm in diameter, and hatch after four weeks as fully developed froglets. There is no parental care.


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Status: Least concern
SpeciesR. akroparallagi
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