American blue-eyed grass

Sisyrinchium montanum

"Sisyrinchium montanum" is a grass-like species of plants from the genus "Sisyrinchium" native to northern North America from Newfoundland west to easternmost Alaska, and south to Pennsylvania in the east, and to New Mexico in the Rocky Mountains.
American Blue-eyed Grass - Sisyrinchium montanum Small, violet-blue flowers with petals each tipped with a point. Long, grass-like leaves. 

Habitat: They were growing on the edge of a barrier beach. American Blue-eyed Grass,Geotagged,Sisyrinchium,Sisyrinchium montanum,Spring,United States,flower,sisyrinchium montanum,wildflower


"Sisyrinchium montanum" is a herbaceous perennial plant that grows in clumps between 10–50 cm tall. Its stems have wings with entire to finely toothed margins. The leaves and stem are slender, 3 mm broad, green or brownish, with sharp edges and a fine point.

The flowers are produced in a small cyme of two to five together emerging from a spathe, each flower about 2 cm diameter, with six purplish tepals with a yellowish base and yellow stamens. The fruit is a capsule 4.5–6 mm long, containing numerous small black seeds.

It is very similar to "S. angustifolium", with which it is sometimes combined.


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SpeciesS. montanum