Cenchrus ciliaris

Cenchrus ciliaris

''Cenchrus ciliaris'' (buffelgrass or African foxtail grass) is a species of grass native to most of Africa, southern Asia , southern Iran, and the extreme south of Europe .

It is a perennial grass growing to 50 cm tall. The leaves are linear, 3–25 cm long and 4–10 mm wide. The flowers are produced in a panicle 2–14 cm long and 1–2.6 cm wide.
Blue Buffalo Grass - Life and Energy This grass species is Blue Buffalo Grass, or rather Cenchrus cilliaris.  The generic name derives from the Greek word "kenchros", which means "manna", while the word "cilliaris" refers to the short hairs of this species.  In silhouette, this is easiest to "see" and identify this species. 

It is one of the more valuable species of grass found in Namibia.  It is easy for one to focus on wildlife, but remember that wildlife depend or need food.  This silhouette photograph is showing one of those "valuable" species. 

It is a perennial, climax species that mostly grow on limy soils.  

A very easy way to determine grass "value", used by scientists, is to burn a certain amount of grass in a very hot oven.  The longer the grass burns and the more heat it releases during burning, the more energy it has, and the more valuable it is.  In short.  

I took this photograph in very simple terms, but deliberately with a hot sunset background, so as to try and proof the message of energy.   Blue Buffalo Grass,Cenchrus ciliaris,Cenchrus cilliaris,beautiful,energy,golden,grass,grow,icon,inspire,leaf,life,lovely,nature,outdoors,season,silhouette,species,stem,sunset


''Cenchrus ciliaris'' has become naturalised and often an invasive species in Australia, the southwestern United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, South America, and Macaronesia. In the Sonoran Desert it was introduced for erosion control. In the Mexican part of the Sonoran Desert, it is still being planted and irrigated for livestock grazing.

It spreads very quickly and will often kill local native plants such as palo verdes by taking away nearby water. This plant has a very low ignition threshold and can burst into a raging flame even during the peak growing season. Its flammability and quick regrowth allow it to compete successfully against almost all vegetation in this region.


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