Malabar pit viper

Trimeresurus malabaricus

''Trimeresurus malabaricus'' is a venomous pit viper species endemic to southwestern India. No subspecies are currently recognized.
Malabar pit viper closeup It was an awesome experience to photograph this beauty which is also a beast .... The lovely yet deadly malabar pit viper was clicked at Amboli in the western Ghat region in the Maharashtra state of India ! Malabar pit viper,Trimeresurus malabaricus


Adults may attain a snout-vent length of 105 cm. The tail is prehensile.

The weakly keeled dorsal scales are arranged in 21 or 19 rows at midbody. Ventral scales in the males number 143-158 and in females 136-159. Anal scale entire. Subcaudals paired and numbering 50-63 in males, 44-54 in females. Internasals large and usually touching. There are 9 or 10 supralabials, the first completely separated from the nasal. There is a single row of scales between supralabials and elongate subocular. The temporal scales are smooth or obliquely keeled.

Many different colour morphs are known to exist, including colours such as yellow, green, and brown. Shown here is a brown colour morph with pattern.
Malabar Pit Viper Hssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Geotagged,India,Macro,Malabar pit viper,Monsoon,Nikond3200,Trimeresurus malabaricus,macro photography


Common names: rock viper, Malabar rock pitviper.
Malabar Pit Viper (Trimeresurus malabaricus)  Geotagged,India,Malabar pit viper,Summer,Trimeresurus malabaricus


They are nocturnal and usually inactive in the day, sometimes seen basking on rocks or trees near streams. A typical behaviour found is that they are very active during the monsoon season . However, once the monsoon ends, you rarely find a Malabar pit viper.
Malabar Pit Viper Brown Morph || Agumbe || June 2019 Malabar pit viper,Trimeresurus malabaricus


It inhabits moist forests, both evergreen and deciduous, where it may be found on the ground, on low vegetation, or in shrubs.
Malabar Pit Viper Malabar Pit Viper!! This fellow yawned twice and I missed to shoot it as I was so into the moment. This was the second adult snake I came cross during this season in Amboli. These pit vipers are beautiful in their own way. I wish to click one in its habitat, especially a yellow or creamy brown morph.  Amboli,Canon,Herpetology,Herping,Incredible India,IncredibleIndia,India,Indian Reptiles,Indian Snakes,Kokan,Maharashtra,Malabar pit viper,Reptile,Reptiles,Reptiles of India,Sawantwadi,Snake,Snakes of India,Trimeresurus malabaricus,abhitap


It preys upon tree frogs, geckos, musk shrews, and other small animals.
Malabar pit viper (Trimeresurus malabaricus) Malabar pit viper (Trimeresurus malabaricus) - Beauty from western ghat, and master of camouflage and patient hunter.  Geotagged,India,Malabar pit viper,Summer,Trimeresurus malabaricus


''T. malabaricus'' is slow-moving, but capable of fast strikes. Its venom causes moderate pain and swelling to humans. These symptoms subside in a day or two.


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Status: Least concern
SpeciesT. malabaricus
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