American toad

Anaxyrus americanus

The American toad is a common species of toad found throughout the eastern United States and Canada. It is divided into three subspecies—the eastern American toad, the dwarf American toad, and the rare Hudson Bay toad.
Eastern American Toad - Anaxyrus americanus The coloring and pattern is variable in this subspecies. Their skin color can change depending on habitat, humidity, stress, and temperature.

Habitat: Rural yard American toad,Anaxyrus americanus,Fall,Geotagged,United States,toad


Races tend to hybridize with "Anaxyrus woodhousii" in their overlapping ranges. Recent taxonomic treatments place this species in the genus "Anaxyrus" instead of "Bufo".
Anaxyrus americanus americanus (Eastern American Toad) in a cornfield in late summer in northern Minnesota, USA. I saw this toad in a cornfield and given the lateness of the season think it was probably looking for a hibernation site in the debris. American toad,Anaxyrus americanus americanus,Bufo americanus,Geotagged,Minnesota,Summer,United States,amphibian,toad


Toads display breeding site fidelity, as do many amphibians. Individuals that return to natal ponds to breed will likely encounter siblings as potential mates. Although incest is possible, "Anaxyrus americanus" siblings rarely mate. These toads likely recognize and actively avoid close kins as mates. Advertisement vocalizations by males appear to serve as cues by which females recognize their kin.


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