Native flax

Linum marginale

"Linum marginale", commonly known as native flax or wild flax, is a species of flowering plant in the family Linaceae and is endemic to Australia. It is a perennial herb with few branches, linear leaves, and blue flowers with five usually blue petals with darker veins.
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"Linum marginale" is a glabrous, often glaucous, perennial herb that typically grows to a height of 10–60 cm and has a single stem or a few, branching at the base. The leaves are linear to narrow elliptic, 5–20 mm long and 1–3 mm wide with a single vein. The flowers are borne singly or in loose panicles on the ends of the stem, each flower on a pedicel 13–25 mm long. The sepals are egg-shaped, 3–6 mm long with thin edges, the petals are usually blue, rarely white, sometimes with darker veins, 8–12 mm long and the anthers are white. Flowering occurs in spring and summer and the fruit is a more or less spherical capsule 3–6 mm in diameter and containing brown seeds.


Native flax occurs in all Australian states, but not the Northern Territory. It is widespread in grassland, woodland and forest, sometimes on the edge of swamps and is found in most regions of New South Wales and Victoria, but only in the south-west of Western Australia and the south-east of South Australia.


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