Cape Centipede-Eater

Aparallactus capensis

''Aparallactus capensis'', or the Cape centipede-eater, is a species of venomous rear-fanged snake in the Atractaspididae family.
The Aparallactus capensis  
Cape Centipede-Eater Aparallactus capensis,Democratic Republic of the Congo,Geotagged,Spring


Yellow or pale reddish-brown dorsally, with or without a blackish vertebral line. Yellowish white ventrally. Neck and top of head black, with or without a yellowish crossbar behind the parietals. Sides of head yellowish, with the shields bordering the eye black.

Adults may attain a total length of 33.5 cm, with a tail 7 cm long.

A portion of rostral visible from above ⅓ as long as its distance from the frontal. Frontal 1½ to 1⅔ as long as broad, much longer than its distance from the end of the snout, a little shorter than the parietals. Nasal entire, in contact with the preocular. One postocular. Seven upper labials, third and fourth entering the eye, fifth in contact with the parietal. Mental in contact with the anterior chin shields, which are as long as or a little longer than the posterior. Anterior chin shields in contact with three lower labials.


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SpeciesA. capensis